Hacking S60 V3 pre-fp1, fp1, fp2 devices - Install unsigned applcations(Drakkarious)
Drakkarious 3.01 FP1, FP2 & PreFP1

Have you ever wanted to install an unsigned file without having to sign it like we used to on s60v2 phones?
Have you ever wanted to send an application over bluetooth and install it right away on the receivers phone?

Well this is your lucky day, Drakkarious.sis, an application especially developed for this very same reason.

All you have to do is install this application, follow the on screen instructions wich you easly learn after doing it 1 time and your ready to hack any phone, anywere...

With this app you can install:

Unsigned, Signed, Binpda, Non-Binpda, Dated, Out-Dated files etc etc etc... Give it a try and you'll see. Even n-gage cr@cked games will be installable after this hack.

Inside instructions:

Change phone date to 15-05-2007

Drakkarious Hack Compilation.

This program will install:

*Note: If you have any of these programs installed on your mobile there is no problem continuing the installation, however, this ones have been tested, none others, so if you have any trouble during the procedure uninstall the ones you have and re-install Drakkarious.sis.

After installing please follow this procedure:
1.-Run X-plore and press "0", tick the 4 boxes (dont un-tick if ticked already)
2.-Without closing X-plore switch to the menu and run hellocarbide
3.-Inside hellocarbide press options and chose Menu1 and answer "yes".
4.-Go back to X-plore and extract installserver.exe and CProfDriver_SISX.ldd from your c:\hack.rar into c:\sys\bin
5.-Restart your phone.
6.-Install whatever you want on your phone, even if it is unsigned

Run capsOff if you wish to see private folders using X-plore and capsOn to hide them again
Note: I advice you to always hide private folders after you have completed whatever you wanted to do inside them...

Enjoy... Signed(lol) Drakkarious

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